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Re: [Samba] Google Cloud Directory Service password synchronization for AD DC

On Sun, 2018-03-25 at 21:19 +0200, Lapin Blanc via samba wrote:
> Hello again, and thank you so much for those valuable information, I'm
> progressing well. Google accepts crypt hashes, and I've managed with
> Garming's advice to get hashes when passwords get updated.
> I've only one small question at this point, the hash seems to be printed
> spanned on two lines, with a line break and a few spaces in the middle of
> the hash... Is this normal ?
> eg :
> INFO : dn: CN=pierre,CN=Users,DC=educonsult,DC=intra
> INFO : objectGUID: 9838c793-67f3-4e68-b362-f939e517313e
> INFO : objectSid: S-1-5-21-1504766521-268068577-265870750-1104
> INFO : sAMAccountName: pierre
> INFO : userAccountControl: 512
> INFO : pwdLastSet: 131664785101680280
> INFO : msDS-KeyVersionNumber: 4
> INFO : virtualCryptSHA512:
> {CRYPT}$6$3WZAFpbFo5J6n2rS$tmDWcZEkgO5e89c5yBnyEYWamNi40CI
> INFO :  32FermFcq3VweLGmR2qfsdjxbs0RiYJ6jrvWzlpIMDJMI1fSg8923t0
> INFO :
> Thank's !

Yes, it is standard for LDIF to have such a line wrap.

(I hope that is a testing password).


Andrew Bartlett
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