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Re: [Samba] power users group

Am Donnerstag, 15. März 2018, 16:21:24 CET schrieb Lorenzo Delana via samba:
> I just installed a samba4 dc and I see that Power Users group is
> missing, is possible to create that group so that a workstation
> joined in the domain can install software using users belonging to
> that group and how it can be done?
> actually simply creating a group with that name doesn't get any
> privilege to that group users.

or here:
SID: S-1-5-32-547Name: Power UsersDescription: A built-in group. By default, the group has no members. Power users can create local users and groups; modify and delete accounts that they have created; and remove users from the Power Users, Users, and Guests groups. Power users also can install programs; create, manage, and delete local printers; and create and delete file shares.

the net command may used to create the group and assign privilegs.

Power Users can much more then installing software. i.e. managing users and groups.

This is the reason why MS has removed "Power Users" from default install.


But if you want, it is your choice.


	Harry Jede
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