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[Samba] Changing Windows permissions runs very slow

Is it normal for changing of Windows ACL permissions to run very slow? I've tried running perm changes across a lot of files (like 1TB) in user directories by interactive session from a domain-connected Windows desktop AND from the command line on the Samba server itself like this

find install -type f -exec samba-tool ntacl set "O:LAG:S-1-22-2-0D:AI(A;ID;0x001f01ff;;;S-1-5-21-1719490861-3494379899-4222726569-1105)(A;ID;0x001200a9;;;S-1-5-21-1719490861-3494379899-4222726569-1106)(A;ID;0x001200a9;;;DU)(A;ID;0x001f01ff;;;DA)" {} \;

While I feel like the command-line version is running faster, but methods seem to take a very long time, like days.

When I monitor the Samba server utilization while doing the interactive method, a sole smbd process runs at about 90-100%, which I suppose is expected because it's running across a share and I guess smbd is not going to run on multiple cores.

When I monitor the Samba server while doing the local command-line version, no process seems to be running at high utilization and the drives are barely lighting up. This is all on a Dell dual-cpu xeon server with 32gb ram and a bunch of raid drives. I realize the samba-tool command is being repeatedly executed as the find recurses, but I would have expected a much more lively server while this was running.

Seems like the perm changes take a really long time and I'm curious if something is wrong on my end. The Samba server is the sole server in the domain and also running DC role. I realize this is not the ideal configuration for the file server role.

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