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Re: [Samba] Run smbd in AD user context

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 01:10:46PM +0100, Davor Vusir via samba wrote:
> Off list I got a tip on using become_user(). A soon as I get a grip on how
> to extract the calling user's vuid I give it a try I have of course tried
> other functions; become_user_permanently( ), become_user_by_session( ) and
> become_authenticated_pipe_user( ). None of these have given the right
> $HOME.Or I simply don't know how to interpret the outcome or to proceed
> from there.

None of these functions set $HOME, as Samba doesn't
use this in any of our code. We get and use the home directory
when the magic [homes] share is configured, but never
set an environment variable. Your code will have to take
care of that itself.


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