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Re: [Samba] User permissions of profile/home directory lost

On 03/02/2018 02:23 AM, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:

Ah, I think I see where your 'RID' backend comes from, you have added
the users RID to '3000000' and then added this as a uidNumber attribute
to AD.

There is nothing really wrong with your set up, I think you may be
doing the right thing by examining the windows client.
Thanks Rowland.

I think you pretty much went over everything again that was discussed on another thread many years ago. That was approximately the time that winbind and winbindd came as you point out. I was going to change the uidNumber and gidNumber attributtes then but you came to the same conclusion as now. I just left it since everything worked okay albeit it is kind of a weird and confusing situation. I was just learning then.

FWIW I had my wife log out of the Win 7 box and everything is good so far. I did a scan on the server side on her directories and found several suspicious things I am removing. However, I did not see a smoking gun. Next step is to scan the Win box. I think the problem is  something that is happening from there specific to her account.

Finally I am going to be upgrading to Windows 10 Pro for other reasons. That will give me a chance to wipe the disk. I am also migrating the DC to a CentOS 7 OS. At that time I will clean up all this uid/gid stuff. I think I am just going to start from scratch rather than try to salvage anything. The hard part will be vetting my wife's email... and even harder, getting her to practice safe internet browsing.

Again thanks for your time.

Paul (ganci@xxxxxxxxxx)
Cell: (303)257-5208

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