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[Samba] ACL not set from Microsoft

We set up a samba domain with two DC ver. 4.7.3 and a file server ver. 4.7.1.
Currently we have a problem setting ACLs from a Microsoft client.
When we set an ACL the client shows the new ACL correctly, but on the fileserver the /getfacl/ command shows no changes.

The filesystem is na ext4 with the options /rw,acl,user_xattr,usrquota,grpquota./

This is the share configuration:/

        path = /opt/samba/fileserver/user1
        admin users = @"domain admins"
        valid users = @"domain users"
        hide unreadable = yes
        hide unwriteable files = no
        hide special files = yes

        directory mask = 2775

        read only = No
        guest ok = Yes
        browseable = Yes
        hide dot files = yes

        use sendfile = yes

        acl group control = yes
        inherit permissions = yes
        inherit acls = yes

        map acl inherit = yes

        store dos attributes = yes

        dos filemode = yes

        vfs objects = readahead acl_xattr full_audit recycle default_quota:quotasettings

        quotasettings:  uid nolimit = no
        quotasettings:  gid = 65534
        quotasettings:  gid nolimit = no

        acl_xattr:ignore system acls = yes

        recycle:repository = /opt/samba/fileserver/.recycle/user1
        recycle:directory_mode = 2770
        recycle:versions = True
        recycle:keeptree = True
        recycle:touch = True
        recycle:touch_mtime = False
        #recycle:minsize = 1
        recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp ~$* *.~?? *.o *.obj *.swp *~ .~lock.*
        recycle:exclude_dir = .recycle ?SharedObjects

        full_audit:prefix = %u|%I|%m|%S
        full_audit:success = mkdir rmdir rename read write unlink chown readlink link mknod fset_nt_acl sys_acl_set_file sys_acl_set_fd sys_acl_delete_def_file pwrite open

        full_audit:failure = connect
        full_audit:facility = LOCAL4
        full_audit:priority = NOTICE


Can anyone explain this behaviour?
Thanks in advance.


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