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[Samba] Is it possible to lower the domain and forest functional level

Hello all,

We have a samba 4 domain controller.
The domain controller was at first a secondary domain controller.
We joined it to a domain were the first controller was a windows 2003 server.
Then we have transfer the fsmo roles to the linux controller and demote the 2003 server.
I then ran all the ldf files from the 2008 R2 dcpromo and raised the functional levels.
Now we need to go back to windows domain controller because we need to use sharepoint.
Joining a Windows 2008 R2 controller does not work ( it keeps asking for dcpromo ).
So I would like to try to join a Windows 2003 but I can't because of the functionnal levels.
So is there a way to lower the domain and forest functional level ?

Christophe Borivant
Responsable d'exploitation informatique
+33 5 62 20 71 71 (Poste 503)

Devinlec - Groupe Leclerc

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