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Re: [Samba] domain provision again ?

Hi Massimo,

Hi to All,
i'm wondering to do again domain provision.
anyone that tryed this?
any idea on how to have the previous users profiles imported in the
new domain ?
do i have to rejoin all the workstations?
If you provision Samba, you will get a NEW domain. Whilst you can dump
the users etc from the old domain, you will need to create them again
in the new domain, this includes joining the workstations. Any files
etc that belong to the old users & groups will have to be 'chown' to
the new ones. The windows profiles (as far as I am aware) from the old
domain cannot be used because they contain the old domains SID.


so as far i understand is not possible for me.
any idea on how to recover the domain that is not working? can't add
everything seems good in the log execpt:

[root@zeus ~]# samba-tool domain demote --remove-other-dead-server=backupdc
WARNING: The "profile acls" option is deprecated
ERROR: Demote failed: DemoteException: backupdc is not an AD DC in
A transaction is still active in ldb context [0x27bfd20] on

have you check that RID FSMO role is on the still on the surviving server?
  samba-tool fsmo show



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