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Re: [Samba] Is it normal printer objects in the samba db?

Hi Denis,

I have about 400 users and 400 computers. But my samba db has about
40000 objects. I think it is so much.

I have watched a lot of printer objects associated with the computer
name on which they are attached.

Is it normal ? Can I delete all of these printer objects ?

Those printer objects are related to locally configured printer to enable printer search in Active Directory. If you don't use printer search in Active Directory, then you can delete those objects.

To avoid those objects to come back, you should apply a GPO on computer objects to disable "Automatically publish new printers in the Active Directory".



Look at this:

ldbsearch -H
'cn=*Laser*' dn


# record 11139
dn: CN=PC014924-HP LaserJet 400

# record 11140
dn: CN=PC014913-HP LaserJet

# record 11141
dn: CN=PC014878-hp LaserJet 1012

# returned 11141 records
# 11141 entries

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