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[Samba] Username/Group "-1" ?

(new thread to maybe get some readers/replies)

I am still trying to fix an issue on a samba-4.6.12 Domain Member Server
(in a domain with 2 DCs running 4.6.12 as well)

Today again all sessions on the fileserver stopped working and the admin
rebooted the server.

Before that he monitored "smbstatus" and noticed that right before the
failing smbd-sessions there were sessions listed like:

5977    -1           -1  (ipv4:
   SMB2_10           -                    -
5973    -1           -1  (ipv4:
   SMB2_10           -                    -
5990    -1           -1  (ipv4:
   SMB2_10           -                    -
5979    -1           -1  (ipv4:
   SMB2_10           -                    -

uid/gid = -1

I assume that this might point at a failing/hanging winbindd ?


I now increased "log level" to 5 (better suggestions? I would like to
keep the performance hit low) and wait for the next crash.

Thanks for any ideas, Stefan

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