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[Samba] Is it normal printer objects in the samba db?

I have about 400 users and 400 computers. But my samba db has about 40000 objects. I think it is so much.

I have watched a lot of printer objects associated with the computer name on which they are attached.

Is it normal ? Can I delete all of these printer objects ?

Look at this:

ldbsearch -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb.d/DC\=DTCF\,DC\=ETECSA\,DC\=CU.ldb 'cn=*Laser*' dn


# record 11139
dn: CN=PC014924-HP LaserJet 400 0026344862,CN=PC014924,OU=CTAP,OU=CFG,DC=dtcf,DC=etecsa,DC=cu

# record 11140
dn: CN=PC014913-HP LaserJet Profession0015465899,CN=PC014913,OU=COMPUTERS,OU=CFG,DC=dtcf,DC=etecsa,DC=cu

# record 11141
dn: CN=PC014878-hp LaserJet 1012 0024051305,CN=PC014878,OU=OFICINA_COMERCIAL,OU=CTCF,OU=CFG,DC=dtcf,DC=etecsa,DC=cu

# returned 11141 records
# 11141 entries

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