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[Samba] Fwd: Samba 4 DFS Load Balance

Hi Team,

Hope I would get some help regards to samba 4. I am doing own open source
knowledge learning and testing.

I have few doubts and couldn't conclude whether it is problem or not.

If you can clarify this, then proceed to my doubts below.

I have linux samba file server. it is version 4.6. I have setup 2 samba
server and configured sharing and it works fine individually.

I am trying to configure DFS load balance in one server and create the link
of these 2 shares.



While I am checking the access from windows client, I could open,

but I can open only one server share through this DFS sharename at a time,
in which status is active. my questions are

   1. what is the load balance concept in this samba4? should both be
   active right? if not why the technical name 'load-balance'?
   2. can't make two shares as active simultaneously? not possible or won't
   work in this samba server load balance term?

the screenshot is in below link



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