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Re: [Samba] Samba 4 Client Directory Contents Refresh

Hello Rick,

Am 17.01.2018 um 20:20 schrieb rcone via samba:
> Starting to use Samba 4 on RHEL 7.  I noticed that new files do not
> get refreshed automatically for display in a Windows directory listing
> on Samba 4, and requires a manual refresh in Windows for them to>
appear.  This behavior appears to be different from RHEL 5 (Samba 3),
> where new files appear automatically.  Is there a new global directive
> in Samba 4 for an automatic directory content refresh?

This is a client setting and caused by SMB2 client redirector caching.
For details, see:

Set all three registry keys mentioned in the MS doc to "0" and reboot.

I'm sure there is a GPO for this as well.


PS: The reason because this did not happen on servers running on Samba 3
was that SMB2 was not enabled by default before Samba 4.x.

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