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[Samba] Error trying to join samba 4.3.4 to a DC...


I'm trying to join a samba 4.3.4 (as an additional domain controller) to a domain with Zentyal 4.3 (That has samba 4.3.4 inside). I know that

this is an old samba version but I cann't upgrade zentyal first. So, When I can join the samba 4.3.4 to the domain I will demote the Zentyal.

But when I try:

samba-tool domain join dtcf.etecsa.cu DC -U "DTCF\administrator" --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ --domain-critical-only

I get this:


Committing SAM database
descriptor_modify: Could not find SD for OU=Groups,DC=dtcf,DC=etecsa,DC=cu
Join failed - cleaning up


What should I do?

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