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Re: [Samba] string_to_sid: SI is not in a valid format

On Fri, 29 Dec 2017 12:54:27 -0500
Matt Savin <matt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Rowland,
> Sorry for the personal reply: my email default is set to reply to the
> sender only.
> Removing all the lines from smb.conf you suggested didn't resolve the
> issue, still getting the same messages in the log.
> I'll have to put back:
> winbind enum users = yes
> winbind enum groups = yes
> because without these lines commands:
> getent passwd
> getent group
> return only local passwd and group entries, I prefer it to list AD
> entries also.

No, but 'getent passwd ausername' would, also having the lines slows
things down.

> Any other suggestions?

> >
> > If everything is correct, then you need to search AD for the two
> > names and see what you get.
> >

Have you done the above ?


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