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Re: [Samba] WERR_DS_DRA_MISSING_PARENT while Joining Samba4 DC to Samba4 Domain

On Thu, 2017-12-21 at 11:04 -0500, Daniel McFeeters via samba wrote:
> I have a Samba4 Domain Controller, which we have run in production since ~2009 (early alpha). It's had a few issues over the years which we've managed to recover from. I'm trying to join a second Samba4 DC to the domain, but having trouble when I issue the join. I have run dbcheck on the existing DC, which found and fixed some errors. There are still about 60+ errors like this:
>     # samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs
>     ...
>     ERROR: no target object found for GUID component for objectCategory in object DC=...
>     Not removing dangling forward link
> I'm running the same Samba version on both systems. Just upgraded to 4.7.3 (Ubuntu 18.04 beta) in attempting to resolve this problem. (I attempted with earlier versions with the same problem.)
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> Here is the output from the second DC when I attempt to join:
> $ samba --version
>     Version 4.7.3-Ubuntu

So both versions servers run Samba 4.7.3?  I would normally expect this
only if the existing server was much older.


Andrew Bartlett

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