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[Samba] libsmbclient: Share access denied with domain name mismatch

Hi guys,

after updating Samba from 3.6 to 4.7, libsmbclient is giving us
trouble connecting to Windows fileservers under not certain
conditions. We have narrowed it down to a domain / workgroup name

With the old client, it was possible to the empty string as the
workgroup and the client would connect to a share just fine. Now
with 4.x, some servers consistently respond with
STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE for anything other than the exact domain
they are configured with themselves. We would like the old
behavior back.

NT1 protocol is used in both cases (no SMBv2).

Sadly, the feedback from the server operators is rather lacking
so we still fail to reproduce this in our test setup. All we got
is packet captures. How would one go about investigating an issue
like this?


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