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[Samba] Minimal AD DC server for dev/test setup

Hi Samba List,

I am developing software which should interop with AD/LDAP, I am
looking at using the Samba DC and loading it with some example user

"Interop with AD" means use and AD backend for authentication,
retrieval of basic user record and membership info. Simple enough/

In the past, I've implemented similar functionality using OpenLDAP as
the reference backend (ie, I wrote much of
https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/LDAP_authentication ) .

Are there any guides on how to install and configure Samba's DC
_standalone_? Any hints or guidance for me? Does Samba's DC component
support this mode of operation?

For further info, we are developing and testing on a Linux which
carries Samba 4.6.x. Also, I'm an old linux hand, and there's a chance
you're using software I contributed to :-)

thank you!

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