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[Samba] ADUC missing msNPAllowDialin and need vpn advice for ad setup.

Im reading : 
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/VPN_Single_SignOn_with_Samba_AD ;
I wanted to use the "msNPAllowDialin" , in ADUC tab "Dail-in"  but i notices this one was gone/
i was missing this one : https://wiki.samba.org/images/8/88/MsNPAllowDialin.jpg ;
Admin pc, windows 7 64bit, samba 4.7.3.  AD
Reinstalled it with the needed dll's from a win2008R2. 
Now my Dail in tab is shown in ADUC but when i try to open i get an error. 
I had a look in the AD with my AD browser and i see im missing for example : msNPAllowDialin in the AD and possible more. 

So my question, how can i add all needed properties back in the Ad like the  msNPAllowDialin .
Does samba have anything what can sort of restore these, samba-tool dbcheck and --cross-nc show 0 errors.
Or should i import the radius schema and use that? 
The results where im going at is a strongswan server with user auth from ad/ldap with or without radius. 
vpn is already up and tested with eap-mschapv2, with plain text username/passwords and im reading now into the ldap part. 
so if anyone has some tips, that would be great. 
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