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Re: [Samba] OpenLDAP Backend with support for PDC & BDC

On Wed, 6 Dec 2017 11:34:56 -0500 (EST)
Lai Wei-Hwa via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Everyone, 
> Current Setup ( Samba is being used as a PDC and BDC ) 
>     * Samba 3.6.3 
>     * OpenLDAP 2.4.28 
> I need to migrate LDAP and Samba to LXD/LXC containers and I'm trying
> to understand the limitations of Samba 4 as relates to my current
> setup. 
> Documentation seems to suggest that using an OpenLDAP backend whilst
> using Samba as a PDC/BDC is unsupported and shall remain so for the
> near future. This leads me to believe that if I want to use Samba 4
> as a PDC/BDC with an LDAP backed, I will have to use Samba's LDAP
> instead. Is this correct? 

Hmm, using Openldap with a PDC/BDC is still supported, but something
tells me that you mean using Openldap with two AD DCs.

If this is the case, then yes, you will have to use the internal Samba

Please don't use the terms 'PDC' or 'BDC' when refering to a Samba AD
DC, all DCs are equal, except for the FSMO roles and any DC can hold
any or all of these roles.


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