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[Samba] OpenLDAP Backend with support for PDC & BDC

Hi Everyone, 

Current Setup ( Samba is being used as a PDC and BDC ) 

    * Samba 3.6.3 
    * OpenLDAP 2.4.28 

I need to migrate LDAP and Samba to LXD/LXC containers and I'm trying to understand the limitations of Samba 4 as relates to my current setup. 

Documentation seems to suggest that using an OpenLDAP backend whilst using Samba as a PDC/BDC is unsupported and shall remain so for the near future. This leads me to believe that if I want to use Samba 4 as a PDC/BDC with an LDAP backed, I will have to use Samba's LDAP instead. Is this correct? 

Best Regards, 

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