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Re: [Samba] upgrading DC 4.5.x to 4.7.x


On 12/02/2017 03:49 PM, Mike Lykov via samba wrote:
02.12.2017 2:16, mj via samba пишет:

- power off the old DCs
- reize fsmo roles, cleanup the database, etc

why  not to transfer roles while old DC are online?
See your question two

- add new 4.7.2 DCs using their old names/ips
- remove the temporary DC

why not simply add new DCs to current production domain?

Because we were facing corruption issues on the 4.5 DCs, upgrading those to 4.7 didn't work out. We tried, but faced replication issues, and commands like samba-tool drs showrepl no longer showed any output, or python errrors and timeouts. Also fsmo transfer failed with timeout issues.

Therefore we decided to start as 'fresh as possible', with only data that 4.7 replicated from our 4.5 DCs.

Note: I am not advising the OP to follow this procedure, I'm just saying that now that we've finally landed on 4.7, we were very happy with it. (that's what he was asking about)

And it did not take a day or two, but just a few hours. As our DCs are all virtual, backing-up and restoring in an isolated environment was almost instant.

I'm thinking about way to upgrade too, but using "separated environment"
Just a different VLAN with only the DCs.

and restore current production servers from backups seems too complicated for me. I don't know what changes was made in prodiction domain while doing procedure above, if it will take day or two (and it wiil be lost)
After some practising and taking notes, I could do it in just a few hours for our three DCs. :-)

Anyway, he asked about experiences on 4.7, and those are positive. The way it took to get there was a hassle, we can agree on that, but it seemed to be the only way out of our 4.5 install. :-)


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