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Re: [Samba] Compiling Samba 4.7 with systemd support on Fedora 26

Am 23.11.2017 um 21:58 schrieb Arnab Roy via samba:
No I am running samba as a member, purely using it for ntlm_auth for
freeradius. If i run it manually i.e. /usr/local/samba/sbin/winbindd -D it
starts up and stays up no issues. Yes selinx is disabled

SELinux status:                 disabled

Any pointers...?

show the systemd unit!

most likely wrong unit-type or bad pid-file config so that systemd has no chance to get aware it was sucessful started

On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 8:34 PM, Rowland Penny via samba <
samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Thu, 23 Nov 2017 20:21:15 +0000
Arnab Roy via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Michael, after starting the service within a few secs it dies
in my case with this error samba winbind Got sig[15] terminate

Let me know if you need any further information.

How are you running Samba, as a DC ?
If so, are you trying to start winbind manually ?

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