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Re: [Samba] DHCP, DNS and non-domain members

On Thu, 23 Nov 2017 15:20:45 +0100
Martin Renner via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am preparing a migration from Samba NT-Domain to Samba AD. The
> migration itself is all fine, but I have a general problem in
> understanding the network architecture of an active directory domain.
> Right now (Samba NT style), each client gets its IP address from a
> DHCP server (isc-dhcp-server). The DHCP server in turn updates the
> DNS (bind9) via dynamic DNS updates. This way, every client (and more
> important in terms of DNS: several servers with dynamic IPs) can be
> found in the DNS - forward and reverse.

This sounds very like my AD domain ;-)

> Now with Samba AD, the Samba server has full and exclusive control
> over the DNS zone. Windows clients and Linux clients, which have
> joined the domain, update the DNS zone with an entry (apparently only
> forward but not reverse). But what should I do with clients and other
> servers, which are not in the AD domain? Clients are not so
> important, but the servers have to be reached via DNS :-)

As long as your servers are in the same dns domain, this should work as
before, If you think about it, every DHCP client before it is joined to
the domain works this way.

Just because a computer (or printer etc) gets its IP from a DHCP
server running on an AD DC, doesn't mean it has to be joined to the


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