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[Samba] Profile ACLs

Hello all,
as the "profile acls = Yes" option has become deprecated in Samba 4.7 I
wanted to ask what the preferred way is of doing this?
The Wiki
(https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Roaming_Windows_User_Profiles) still
uses "profile acls = Yes" when using posix acls.

At the moment our share looks like this:

        profile acls = Yes
        csc policy = disable
        browseable = no
        writeable = yes
        path = /srv/profiles/profiles/%U/%a
        guest ok = no
        create mask = 0700
        directory mask = 0700
        comment = Profile Share

This has been running in NT Classic Domain for years and since we
upgraded to AD a year ago still has been working fine. It is different
then the Wiki but comes from Samba 3.6 times and worked so far.

Should we switch to using Windows ACLs? And if this is the recommended
way how to best "migrate"?

Any thoughts on this?



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