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[Samba] administrator does not have permission

While attempting to check 'profiles' user permissions on my member server I
discovered that (for some reason) I did not have a krb5.conf file (on
member.) Resolved that issue. Then find that the keytab file is missing.
Fixed that.

I wanted to check profile user permissions and have discovered that the
administrator does not have permission to "view or edit this object's
permission settings." WHAT?? Is there a linux way to correct this issue?

Further digging and I find that the administrator (the
DOMAIN\administrator) does have rights to see permissions of anything on
the member server.

I am puzzled . . . how could missing krb5.conf and keytab files allow
access when missing. Clearly replacing the missing files and kerberos is
blocking something.

So, the question is is there a way to correct this on the linux side?

I am at a loose as how to proceed?

Bob Wooden
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