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[Samba] The group name could not be found

Hey guys,

It's me again.

Today I moved our NAS from our old 2000 domain to a new domain presided
over by two Samba 4.7.2 domain controllers.

After the move I cant access the NAS at all from my Windows 7 test pc. I
keep getting an error that "The group name could not be found"

I am at the end of my troubleshooting skills.

I also moved the NAS' samba from sernet-samba 4.1 to the CentOS 6.9
packaged version 4.2.10.

I also cleaned out the /var/lib/samba/* and rejoined the NAS the new
domain, still to no avail.

The only thing I could pick out from the logs:
[2017/11/18 19:02:01.550190,  1, pid=7693, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)]
       wbint_LookupName: struct wbint_LookupName
          out: struct wbint_LookupName
              type                     : *
                  type                     : SID_NAME_USE_NONE (0)
              sid                      : *
                  sid                      : S-0-0
              result                   : NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED

However from one of the dc's:
$ wbinfo -s S-0-0
failed to call wbcStringToSid: WBC_ERR_INVALID_SID
Could not lookup sid S-0-0

$ wbinfo -n ianc
S-1-5-21-2093009959-3443338361-3281248646-1407 SID_USER (1)

$ wbinfo --user-domgroups=S-1-5-21-2093009959-3443338361-3281248646-1407

Anybody got another idea I could try, or somewhere I am overlooking?

Kind regards
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