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Re: [Samba] Error in samba-tools

On Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:13:30 +1300
Andrew Bartlett via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Fri, 2017-11-17 at 20:05 +0100, Francesc Peñalvez via samba wrote:
> > Finaly i install debians wheezy bin packets but i get this error
> > when use samba-tools
> > 
> > Setting up sam.ldb data
> > Setting up well known security principals
> > Setting up sam.ldb users and groups
> > ERROR(ldb): uncaught exception - operations error at 
> > ../source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/password_hash.c:2164
> > whats happen?
> Sorry about that.  The newer krb5.conf on the system a krb5
> configuration line that we can't parse with our older embedded
> Heimdal.
> Please file a Samba and debian bug so we backport the required support
> from upstream Heimdal.  I think it is the includedir support.
> Andrew Bartlett

I don't think that is the problem, yes it appears to be the fault you
get on red-hat distro's, where /etc/krb5.conf starts with a line that
includes 'includesdir'. The problem with that is, the OP is using
debian wheezy and that line doesn't exist in the debian krb5.conf.

The OP posted earlier with a problem compiling Samba on wheezy, I am
now wondering if the OP has a borked wheezy install. I am also
wondering why anybody would want to setup a Samba AD DC on an old


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