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[Samba] Join a subdomain DC to a domain DC

Hello guys,

I work at an institution where the domain is institute.edu.br. We have a
main dns that answers for the internal and external services that we have.

Firstly the staff here configured samba as domain institute.edu.br, but
this way it is conflicting in the resolution of internal and external
service names, since samba wants to respond for all requests and, even
inserting a forward zone, does not it works.

I configured a new DC as a subdomain, because in this way samba only
responds to your requests and forward all the rest to the main dns. It
became addc.institute.edu.br

My question is whether there is any impediment in joining the domindom to
the domain, transferring the fsmo roles and then demote the old one?

Elias Pereira
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