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Re: [Samba] Not able to list domain in new samba DC

On Thu, 9 Nov 2017 15:58:04 +0100
Sina Owolabi <notify.sina@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes I did setup libnss_winbind.
> wbinfo -u and -g on the domain member both work:
> [root@testfsrv ~]# wbinfo -u
> SAMDOM\testakin
> SAMDOM\testsina
> SAMDOM\testigein
> SAMDOM\administrator
> SAMDOM\krbtgt
> SAMDOM\guest
> [root@testfsrv ~]# wbinfo -g
> SAMDOM\allowed rodc password replication group
> SAMDOM\enterprise read-only domain controllers
> SAMDOM\denied rodc password replication group
> SAMDOM\read-only domain controllers
> SAMDOM\group policy creator owners
> SAMDOM\ras and ias servers
> SAMDOM\domain controllers
> SAMDOM\enterprise admins
> SAMDOM\domain computers
> SAMDOM\cert publishers
> SAMDOM\dnsupdateproxy
> SAMDOM\domain admins
> SAMDOM\domain guests
> SAMDOM\schema admins
> SAMDOM\domain users
> SAMDOM\dnsadmins

All 'wbinfo -u' and 'wbinfo -g' prove is that winbind can connect to
AD, it does not prove that the Unix OS knows who the users are.

'getent passwd username' should produce something like this:

rowland@devstation:~$ getent passwd rowland
rowland:*:10000:10000:Rowland Penny:/home/rowland:/bin/bash

What OS is this and how have you set up libnss_winbind ?


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