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Re: [Samba] DC's are unavailable when PDC halted

Am 2017-11-08 um 13:12 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:

> And most documents get it wrong, The DC is a DNS server and your
> clients should use it as their nameserver. Your DC should forward
> anything unknown to the nameserver that is set in the DCs smb.conf if
> using the internal DNS server, or if in the named conf files if using
> Bind9

additional question here as I also prepare to deploy a 2nd DC at one site:

right now I tell the clients to use these as DNSs (via DHCP):

samba-DC, DNS on router to internet, one DNS upstream (just in case,
maybe stupid)

with additional DCs I assume I would have to list the DCs as well as
DNSs, to make sure DNS (in terms of AD *and* "normal" DNS) still works
in case the first DC is unreachable?


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