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Re: [Samba] Unable to upload printer drivers

	Hello Louis and list,

Le 03/11/2017 à 10:25, L.P.H. van Belle via samba a écrit :

Sorry for the slow reaction here. I was few days out of the office.

No problem, thanks for your quick answer.

But can you try the universal 2 driver. That one works fine for me.
And if you send me the exact driver your trying to me, i'll test that one in my setup.

In my second mail, i said that finally i successfully installed the driver... but only once...
i deleted the driver, reinstalled and... same error.

After hours and near becoming crazy (because it is a very basic setup), trying to reproduce the problem before responding, i finally installed a win7 and...booo...no problem, works fine with all drivers...

I'm not a windows user, so i downloaded win10 from microsoft website for my platform test since now it's possible. And in the school where i get the exactly same error, they have official windows10 with purchased licenses. So a friend gave me an official iso of W7 to test in the same context on my platform and it works like a charm, i didn't change anything in my configuration.

The driver i used is the one you mentioned (i wrote type 3 because on the wiki page the term is used and the full error on windows side is : impossible to install Toshiba Universal Printer2, type3 - user mode, x64 access denied). The only available driver on toshiba official site is W2012/8.1/8, but i think it is compatible with w10 since this printer is still proposed by suppliers.

So, Louis, do you tested under windows10 ??? The problem is that in the school they use windows10 so i must find the solution.

And what does mean NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION error ?

Ah, and when i try to upload under w10 the 32 bits driver, same error on windows but the NT_ error doesn't appear in syslog.

Here is what can i say...with my poor english, sorry.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !



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