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[Samba] cups printer oddity

Dear list,

in CUPS, I have to absolutely identical printers configured (I believe),
except for the printer name and the hostname it connects to. I use
cupsaddsmb on them (same PPD). When I try to connect to the printer
prn-1101-001-d110-1, it works; for prn-1101-001-d111-1, it does not. I
have narrowed this down to the following difference in the output of
rpcclient -c enumprinters:

        description:[\\PRINTSERV\,prn-1101-001-d111-1,RICOH SP3600DN]
        comment:[RICOH SP3600DN]

        comment:[RICOH SP3600DN]

Note the \, after the servername in the description line for the first
printer, which does not look good. Also, deleting and re-creating the
printer in CUPS does not help. How do I go about debugging this issue?
The CUPS generated printcap looks identical for both printers. I am
guessing there is either something different between the two printers in
CUPS which I am not seeing or samba is caching information somewhere
which surface the delete and recreate printer procedure... Thanks for
any clues,


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