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Re: [Samba] kerberos + winbind + AD authentication for samba 4 domain member

On Wed, 1 Nov 2017 20:28:05 +0100
Kacper Wirski <kacper.wirski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm going to start with clean centos install, so I might as well use
> some additional guidelines, thank You.
> When You run kinit, does Your user have ticket already? What I
> noticed is that when user has a ticket already, kinit works fine,
> uses as default principal the one from ticket.
> Can you do kdestroy - then kinit?
> Also, on Fedora, did You install samba from source or from repo's RPM?
> And last question - for PAM did You manually edit system-auth, or with
> authconfig?
> After I do some tests later on, I will update with whatever I manage
> to find/debug.

I realised I had a Centos 7 VM, so I started this, updated it to 7.4
set 'winbind use default domain = no' then logged in and ran
'kinit', I finally get your problem!!!

Let me get back to you


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