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Re: [Samba] ADC 4.7.0 KCC replication failing with PDC 4.6.8

On Sat, 28 Oct 2017 16:50:34 +0200
Harsh Kukreja <h.kukreja@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Rowland
> Thanks for your support. The problem with the new DC was the samba
> service was not starting because the START_MODE_IN="ad" was not
> changed in the /etc/default/samba/sernet-samba-ad also the samba-tool
> ntacl sysvolreset is working after running rsync to copy the sysvol
> folders.
> Now there is one more problem with the AD authentication on my
> Firewall which is only working with the main DC but as soon I shut it
> down then it fails to authenticate with the new DC. Here are the logs
> from the Firewall:

Try reading this wikipage:



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