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Re: [Samba] Change Netbios name during classicupgrade?

Hi Rowland, Denis

Thank you very much for your answers, It helped really a lot.

And sorry for the delay of answer, was busy on other stuff.

You advices don't lead me straight to the solution, but i get improvements, thanks to it.

For now, whatever i can do to change the workgroup, It changes the Domain SID.

Actually it's more subtle;

Before change workgroup:

#net getdomainsid

SID for local machine AD is: S-1-5-21-673913221-4242741474-1014044216

SID for domain OLDDOMAIN.LAN is: S-1-5-21-1905493267-1041818301-753029000

After change workgroup:

#net getdomainsid
SID for local machine AD is: S-1-5-21-673913221-4242741474-1014044216
SID for domain NEWDOMAIN is: S-1-5-21-673913221-4242741474-1014044216
It sets domainsid to the same than localsid (And again it doesnt retrieve domain accounts)

I tried also to change first localsid (net setlocalsid) to the same than the domain then change the domain sid, but it switches me again on another [new] SID...

And net setdomainid never worked to reset to the original SID.
I tried to manually edit secrets.tdb with tdbtools (to make it reflect the changes) and even erase it, but without success.

I even tried kind of general change (new OpenLDAP with totally modified ldif with new values, modified secrets.tdb). no success.

Actually i found the workaround of changing all SID user accounts with a pdbedit script (which got the advantage to write automatically the changes in the ldap),  to make them corresponding the new domain SID.
ex account:

This way, the PDC finds back all accounts in the domain. Then i run the classicupgrade.

For now it seems a kind of mitigation compared to the "hard" solution of starting back from scratch and rebuild the domain.

I will certainly have to rejoin all machines to the domain (hadn't time yet to test it), but if I can at least find back all users profile, i'll would be up to this path...

I'll give you more details monday after further tests and troubleshoots.

Still open to any advices! (about NetBIOS domain name, or about tips for rejoining machines to the domain)

Thanks again, your help is unvaluable



On 18/10/2017 18:57, Rowland Penny wrote:
On Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:56:27 +0200
Sami Chibani via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

> Well, let's try to be more precise about my issue and give some
> updates:
> > I try to make a classicupgrade and meanwhile, change the Domain name
> during the process, which includes realm and NetBIOS domain name. I
> precisely meet difficulties with changing the NetBIOS domain name.
> > What i've tried so far: > > 1) > > Change the NetBIOS domain name "workgroup" attribute on the old Samba
> 3 server before migration; Each time this operation will also change
> the domain SID and I lose all my members. I tried to put back the old
> domain sid with
> > #net setdomainsid [original SID] > > But this never worked > > 2)
> As all my attempts to reset the domain SID to its initial value after
> workgroup change failed on the old Samba 3 server before
> classicupgrade, i just tried to do it after.
> > I ran classicupgrade, and let workgroup attribute to old value.
> Just after migration, here's how looks like the domain:
> > #samba-tool domain info
> Forest           : newdomain.lan
> Domain           : newdomain.lan.
> Netbios domain   : OLDDOMAIN.LAN  ## The old name
> DC name          : srv-ad.newdomain.lan
> DC netbios name  : SRV-AD
> Server site      : Default-First-Site-Name
> Client site      : Default-First-Site-Name
> > Everythings works fine, i got all my users, and machines find back
> the DC. And winbindd maps all users under this name:
> > #wbinfo -u > > OLDDOMAIN.LAN\user > > my logs show no error, and here what looks like my smb.conf: > > [global]
>         netbios name = SRV-AD
>          realm = NEWDOMAIN.LAN
>         workgroup = OLDDOMAIN.LAN
>          server role = active directory domain controller
>         idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
>          tls enabled  = yes
>          tls keyfile  = tls/myKey.pem
>          tls certfile = tls/myCert.pem
>          tls cafile   =
>          dns forwarder = #external DNS
> > Then when i change the value "workgroup" of smb.conf in order to
> change the NetBIOS domain name and reload, this time i notice that my
> domain SID remains the same before and after the change.
> >   This time also the command pdbedit -L catches all users like before
> the change.
> > However, there seems to be an issue with winbindd. > > Any wbinfo-u fails, and wbinfo -p doesnt ping anymore: > > #wbinfo -p
> Ping to winbindd failed
> could not ping winbindd!
> > > Here's the logs: > > oct. 17 14:08:37 srv-ad.newdomain.lan systemd[1]: Started Samba AD
> Daemon. oct. 17 14:08:37 srv-ad.newdomain.lan samba[489]: [2017/10/17
> 14:08:37.274937,  0] ../lib/util/become_daemon.c:124(daemon_ready)
> oct. 17 14:08:37 srv-ad.newdomain.lan samba[489]:   STATUS=daemon
> 'samba' finished starting up and ready to serve connections
> oct. 17 14:08:37 srv-ad.newdomain.lan samba[509]: [2017/10/17

OK, I can confirm that you can change the workgroup name, but you need
to do it before the classicupgrade.

Stop smbd, nmbd and winbind, change the workgroup in smb.conf, restart
smbd, nmbd and winbind.
You should now find that the SIDs haven't changed, but if you search in
ldap for 'sambaDomainName', you will probably find two, one for the old
workgroup and one for the new one. You will also probably find that the
object for the new domain doesn't have a 'sambaNextRid' attribute, so
you will need to add it with the value obtain from the old workgroup
object. Now delete the old workgroup object.
At this point, I stopped smbd, nmbd and winbind, left the ldap server
and copied the required files to the what would become the new DC.
After trying to carry out the classicupgrade, I found that if you have
'passdb backend = ldapsam' in the old smb.conf the upgrade uses, you
need to change this to: passdb backend = ldapsam:"ldap://";

Where '' is the ipaddress of the old PDC

After doing all this, running 'samba-tool domain classicupgrade
--realm=test.tld /var/lib/samba/dbdir/smb.PDC.conf'

Lead to an AD DC, with the REALM 'TEST.TLD' and the workgroup 'EXAMPLE'.


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