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Re: [Samba] RSAT Print Management won't show shared printers under the "Printers" section

Hello Louis,

> On 9. Oct 2017, at 09:36, L.P.H. van Belle via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just out of interest and maybe this helps also for bug 12761.
> Are you still able to test this on a VM? Can you try my samba 4.6.8 package. 

I did try out your package (just upgraded Samba), but nothing changed in behaviour.
Printers are still not showing up in Print Management.

> My setup is same as yours, i use RSAT in win7 64b for RSAT tools. 
> Debian stretch, samba 4.6.8. cups in Point and print setup with kerberos auth configured. 
> This server started as debian jessie with samba 4.2.x. has seen 4.5.8 on stretch and now 4.6.8.

Hm, how odd... There must be a difference between our setups.

Best regards

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