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Re: [Samba] Doubt with cups

see printcap cache time in smb.conf

 This option specifies the number of seconds before the printing subsystem is again asked for the known printers.

           Setting this parameter to 0 disables any rescanning for new or removed printers after the initial startup.

           Default: printcap cache time = 750

           Example: printcap cache time = 600

Le 02/10/2017 à 09:55, Marco Gaiarin via samba a écrit :
Mandi! Luiz Guilherme Nunes Fernandes via samba
   In chel di` si favelave...

       when i add a printer in Cups, on share samba, don't update printers,
only i try to restart or reload service. Do you have any idea?
AFAIK there's some sort of ''caching'' between samba and cups, so
printers not show immediately.

Normally, it is related to 'smbd' daemons, eg, if you have an
'expolrer' windows open against the cups server, close it and reopen
to see all the new printers.

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