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[Samba] Samba with Mit-krb5, update ddns fails

  I built samba v4.7.0 with Mit-krb5-1.15.2-x86-64( and also  tried with
Mit-krb5-1.15.1-x86-86), everything works fine.

 But when client windows7 joins AD, a new DNS A record should be added into
DNS(Bind), but it fails.

I test via administrator and its ticket.
[root@pdc samba]# klist
Ticket cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0
Default principal: administrator@xxxxxxxxxx

Valid starting       Expires              Service principal
09/29/2017 16:05:25  09/30/2017 02:05:25  krbtgt/AD.PTHL.HK@xxxxxxxxxx
        renew until 09/30/2017 16:05:15
09/29/2017 16:05:37  09/30/2017 02:05:25  DNS/pdc.ad.pthl.hk@xxxxxxxxxx
        renew until 09/30/2017 16:05:15

and run
nsupdate -g -d -L 9 -v<< UPDATE
server pdc.ad.pthl.hk
realm AD.PTHL.HK <http://ad.pthl.hk/>
update add test.ad.pthl.hk 3600 A


Here is /var/log/message:

Sep 29 16:34:42 pdc named[1332]: samba_dlz: starting transaction on zone
Sep 29 16:34:42 pdc named[1332]: samba_dlz: GSS server Update(krb5)(1)
Update failed: Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more
information: Request is a replay
Sep 29 16:34:42 pdc named[1332]: samba_dlz: spnego update failed
Sep 29 16:34:42 pdc named[1332]: client
administrator\@AD.PTHL.HK <http://ad.pthl.hk/>: updating zone '
ad.pthl.hk/NONE': update failed: rejected by secure update (REFUSED)
Sep 29 16:34:42 pdc named[1332]: samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on zone


The same thing is done without any error by Samba V4.7.0 with build-in
Heimedal-Krb5. So I guess there is something wrong with samba and mit-krb5.

Can someone offer me any suggestion?
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