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[Samba] DFS + LDAP

My situation is that I configured samba with ldap authentication, I created
shares and and after I created standalone dfs for these shares. (Everything
is on the same server) I have a client debian with gnome and ldap
authentication, so I can login on this machine with ldap users. My problem
is, if I try to access dfs share with nautilus with the same user, with
which I logged on the machine, I can authenticate but after I dont see the
shares under dfs. If I try with other user, it works. I tried logged in
with other ldap users, but the problem is same: if I log in machine with
user1, and I open share and authenticate with user1 it wont show shares, if
I try to access dfs with user2 etc it work, if I login machine with user2
and access dfs share with user2 it will show nothing, but with user1 I can
see. And one interesting thing, if on the client machine I change the
domain from WORKGROUP to random string and I logged in with user1 on
machine and I access dfs share with user1 it shows me the shares under dfs.
What can be the problem?

Regards, Viktor
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