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[Samba] Win10 cannot access linux shares


When I upgraded from Fedora 22 to Fedora 25 my Win10 box lost the
ability to connect to shares on the F25 box.  The F25 box can still
access shares on the Win10 box.

F25 is currently running Samba 4.5.13 and I have a simple workgroup
setup.  Let's call the Win10 box 'fred' and the F25 box 'ethel'.

When fred tries to access a share on ethel, I am prompted for username
and password.  I enter 'daw' and the password and am re-prompted for
username and password.  Username 'daw' is in the Samba password file
and the password is verified to be the one I entered on fred.

I've been testing with firewalls on both boxes disabled.

Running Wireshark on ethel, I see that fred is actually sending
"fred\daw" as the username.

Is this the problem, and if so, how can I fix it?

D Wyatt

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