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Re: [Samba] Help win10 join

Hi Marco,

i have a LDAP+Kerberos+nfs+samba server and Windows 7 workstation joined
to domain

now i have some new workstation to join samba AD, but unable to join them

i try and try many solution, but no success

need some help

The best solution would be for you to switch to a AD domain. It is much easier to install and manage compared to a NT4 classic domain.

If you really need to stick to your NT4 domain, you need to restrict protocol to SMB1 for win10 to authenticate on your PDC [1] in addition to the usual registry modifications :

  server max protocol = NT1

And restart Samba.



[1] https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Required_Settings_for_Samba_NT4_Domains#Windows_10:_There_Are_Currently_No_Logon_Servers_Available_to_Service_the_Logon_Request

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