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Re: [Samba] File server questions

On Mon, 11 Sep 2017 13:08:16 -0300
Flávio Silveira via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My question is actually if I have to deal with the hosting company
> DNS zones or not, because 'tecnopon.com.br' is hosted there, my
> guess, giving Louis's answer and yours, is I don't need to.

As you will only be forwarding unknown requests (such as
www.google.com) to your hosting company, you do not have to deal with
their dns servers at all.

> Also, I am currently using a DHCP Server to give static IPs based on
> mac address, I guess I don't need to set the ip manually if I use
> something like "method 3" described in [1] to
> prevent /etc/resolv.conf updates, what do you think?
> [1]: https://www.vultr.com/docs/stop-dhcp-from-changing-resolve-conf

Never really understood using dhcp for fixed ipaddresses, well
possibly for one or two machines, but even then, what is the point ?
I would give a fixed IP to all the machines that should have one
(servers, printers etc). Then for any other machines that can and
should have a dhcp IP (laptops etc), create a pool based around the
fixed machines. This way, you can tell, just from the IP, just what
the machine is likely to be.


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