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Re: [Samba] Samba Recycle Age limit.

Clever, however, that modifies the metadata of the user's
file.  If the user restores the file from the recycle-bin, it seems
the file's original modify time would not be restored (or it's
handled by another setting I don't know about.. :-)   ).

If the original modify time isn't restored, and the modify time was
used by something like 'make' to determine whether or not to
rebuild something, the user might get an unanticipated rebuild
next time they did a make.

Probably not a problem, but if one was paranoid one might wonder
about unforeseen consequences...  (just because you are paranoid
doesn't mean they are not "out to get you"...)


Carlos A. P. Cunha wrote:
No, is correct "mtime", but forget information add two line in smb,conf.....

recycle:touch = yes
recycle:touch_mtime = yes


Em 07-09-2017 15:17, L A Walsh escreveu:
Carlos A. P. Cunha via samba wrote:
find $DEST -depth -mtime +$DAYS -print -delete
   ...[ctime vs. mtime comparison]...

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