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Re: [Samba] Samba Recycle Age limit.

No, is correct "mtime", but forget information add two line in smb,conf.....

recycle:touch = yes
recycle:touch_mtime = yes


Em 07-09-2017 15:17, L A Walsh escreveu:
Carlos A. P. Cunha via samba wrote:
For me, is "magic line"

find $DEST -depth -mtime +$DAYS -print -delete
   I'm guessing you probably want 'ctime' there.

   If you use mtime, then it will be deleted "ndays" after
the last modification date on the file -- NOT the time the file
was moved into the recycle bin.

   If you use ctime - that appears to update when the file
is moved into a different directory (the recycle bin) -- allowing
things to expire some number of days after it is "recycled".

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