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Re: [Samba] retrieve machine password in current Samba?

08.09.2017 3:41, Andrew Bartlett via samba пишет:

Otherwise, the attached script will print it on stdout, if you like it
and it works for you I can drop it in source4/scripting/bin for

May I ask about machine passwords also?
(I can't see any attached scripts in your email, by the way. You send it off-the-list?)

Someday in the past I accidentally delete some machine accounts from AD (using ADUC). When I googled about what can I restore it, i found the long story about "tombstone" and not/support it in samba, and many troubles with "deleted" attributes and so on.

But it is another way to restore it - restore ldap object to "normal" state without "deleted" attribute by hand and set machine password by hand (it is lost after "delete" in ADUC).

Where I can find and how to extract that machine password?
Is there any sense to doing this?


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