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Re: [Samba] poor performance when copying files with windows client

Am 04.09.2017 um 20:25 schrieb Nicolas Zuber via samba:
in my setup I have two samba file server with clustered samba 4.6.7 and
glusterfs 3.10. The server are connected via a 10 Gb network (one for
clients and an extra network for gluster). When I am copying files from
different server ( centos 7 1611, samba 4.4.4, connected with 10Gb) to
the file servers with scp, the maximum speed is 70 MB/s (for small files
this is decreasing)

for 10 GBE 70 MB/sec are a joke to start with, any average 1 GBE network can do that and given that samba has a lot of roundtrips when your network has general problems with SMB they are always much worser (just look at the horrible performance over OpenVPN)

[harry@rh:/downloads]$ scp harry@remote-machine:/www/bench.bin ./

100%  256MB  94.2MB/s   00:02

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