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Re: [Samba] user works on DC, not on DM

Am 2017-09-01 um 10:02 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> It all depends on what version of Windows you are running RSAT on, If
> you are using a version before Win10, you can add the Unix attributes
> tab and set the uidNumber there. Windows 10 doesn't have the Unix
> attributes tab, it has been removed, so you would have to use the
> attribute editor.

The admin runs Win7 pro on his RSAT-machine.
I will google how to add that tab.

In general: why isn't that attribute added automatically?

> If you want to do this on the Samba DC, then you can create new users
> with the required rfc2307 attributes using 'samba-tool user create'.

The mentioned user was created like that, and seems not to have that
attribute ... ?

> If you want to add rfc2307 attributes, then you will have to write your
> own scripts, there are no Samba tools to do this.

I expected things to get easier with ADS ;-)

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