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Re: [Samba] Workgroup Domain

Hi Dominic,

Wondering if anyone can help with a weird issue I'm having -

Just set up a new server (RHEL 7.4) and have migrated my samba
configuration from my old server (Fedora 25), I'm experiencing an issue
where by if my the name of my workgroup a domain i.e. it has a period in
it, then none of my Linux clients can detect the broadcast and smbtree on
both client and server is completely empty. I can manually connect via
domain, hostname, ip etc...

from [1] : "[NetBIOS domain] names can contain a period (.). However, the name cannot start with a period. The use of non-DNS names with periods is allowed in Microsoft Windows NT. However, periods should not be used in Active Directory domains. If you are upgrading a domain whose NetBIOS name contains a period, change the name by migrating the domain to a new domain structure. *Do not use periods in new NetBIOS domain names*."

So, if MS tells you specifically "Do not use", then I'd say it may be logic to not use it with Samba either... I've done quite a few NT4 to Samba AD migration which had dotted netbios domain name in the past, I know it does mostly work, but it is really not a good idea. It prevents standard migration path to AD, and you'll have some subtle bugs to deals with.



[1] https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/909264/naming-conventions-in-active-directory-for-computers-domains-sites-and

If I take this further and run smbtree -d4, then I can see that it's
complaining about not being able to determine the master browser for
WORKGROUP.COM <http://workgroup.com/>. In Windows however everything works
fine, the server pops up almost instantaneously.

The domain is propagated through dns and all clients can resolve the domain
name no problem. If I change the samba workgroup to something that isn't a
domain name, then everything works again and it's correctly displaying in
smbtree on all clients and server.

I don't get it - can someone advise?

 server string = host01-name01
 workgroup = workgroup.com
 netbios name = host01-name01
 bind interfaces only = yes
 interfaces = lo enp4s0 enp0s31f6
 hosts allow = 192.168.150.
 name resolve order = wins bcast
 security = user
 passdb backend = tdbsam
 encrypt passwords = true
 domain master = yes
 preferred master = yes
 local master = yes
 browseable = yes
 deadtime = 15
 dns proxy = no
 getwd cache = yes
 load printers = no
 mangled names = no
 map archive = no
 map to guest = never
 min receivefile size = 16384
 os level = 255
 printable = no
 printcap name = /dev/null
 read raw = yes
 unix extensions = yes
 use sendfile = yes
 wins support = yes
 write raw = yes
 writeable = yes
 logging = file
 log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
 max log size = 50
 shadow: snapdir = .zfs/snapshot
 shadow: snapdirseverywhere = yes
 shadow: format = autosnap_%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S_hourly
 shadow: localtime = yes

Kind Regards,

Denis Cardon
Tranquil IT Systems
Les Espaces Jules Verne, bâtiment A
12 avenue Jules Verne
44230 Saint Sébastien sur Loire
tel : +33 (0)

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