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Re: [Samba] Issues with mounting Samba shares after update

Le Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:28:25 -0600
Kristian Petersen via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait:

> Our fileserver (running RHEL 7.4) has suddenly stopped allowing
> access to network shares through Samba.  It is running Samba 4.6.2.
> When someone tries to mount a shared folder it prompts them for a
> username and password which fails even when the password is correct,
> rather than using their valid Kerberos ticket as it has in the past.
> Anyone here has a similar experience or suggestions as to where to
> begin?  The NT Hashes stored in LDAP are definitely accessible to the
> server (we ran some test ldapsearch commands), so even if we weren't
> using Kerberos that should be working (but it isn't).

Kerberos ticket, so I suppose it's part of an AD domain. Maybe your
server clock has drifted away from the ADS? What does "net ads
testjoin" say?

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